Will draw for food. SFW or NSFW.

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Discord: AranFielder#6029.
e-Mail: contact@aranfielder.com.
PayPal: 2E1HSB@gmail.com.

May be delays in response due to increase in autistic shutdowns.

NSFW (continuation) 

I will be presenting as female in sex work spaces because I know that's what my market will be looking for. No, my gender hasn't changed.


So I started an OnlyFans because I should be paid for being this horny all the time... or something...

So if you want the snapchat pictures of a somewhat cute(maybe?) fat person who's not afraid of giant monster dildos OR being soft:

First 2 subscribers get 7 days free: onlyfans.com/action/trial/i01q
20% off first 30 days: onlyfans.com/musthavebeenhorny

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Things autism research could be about:

- How does autism radar work?
- Do we have an easier time communucating with other autistics because our ways of communication are similar, or because we've all had to learn to accomodate the people we're talking to?
- What can be done to prevent and treat autistic burnout?
- What even *is* autistic burnout exactly?
- What effects does masking have on your mental health?
- What autistic traits are actually traits of autism, and which ones are trauma responses?
- How is a non-traumatized autistic brain work?
- How can we better accomodate autistic people?

What autism research is about:
- How do we make the autistic people stop existing?

Someone is one of the larger servers I'm in is completely inactive but has changed their username to the same first name as mine. I'd be unreasonable to bring it up but also I'm paranoid that it's someone's alt trying to poke at me. :/

I keep thinking about making an adult LGBT colouring book. Because why buy those mindfulness books when you can colour in your own porn AND be represented at the same time, I guess?

But I'm wondering for the parts of the umbrella that I'm not part of, whether I'd be inadvertently causing more harm than good. Whilst the intent is not to fetishize specific bodies, but to include them, I am overtly aware that the impact may be different based on consumer, but also that a viewer may been differently about the image than I do.

I'm not sure if I should just forget the idea, or if I'm overthinking it, or if there's a solution.

Vaguely Lewd Selfie?? (Cleavage), EC. 


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everyone with a bad computer take needs to get off the computer

because there is only one good text editor and thats nano

Shitposting NSFWness with implied scat I guess? INCLUDES AN IMAGE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

It has become a communal effort with some irl friends to come up with ideas to upset ex with as he told me my art was bad because no anime girl titties.

Today I fuckin' drew Femme KFC Colonel pooping out Chicken Drumsticks wearing only red and white stripy thigh highs...

(Yes the Japanese is incorrect. I accidentally skipped a couple of characters and a friend said it was funnier incorrect and I don't speak Japanese so I'll take her word for it.)

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