If I were to make knitwear (hats, scarves, gloves, wristwarmers) with tiny hidden pockets for quick & subtle security key/ RFID use, would anyone be interested in buying them? Can be very easily customised.

Prices tbd, so feel free to suggest what you'd be willing to pay!

@arshageddon For the context of others, I keep a YubiKey 5 + NFC (separate to the nano in my "docking station") in here for tapping on my phone for 2FA to things (FIDO sites, the stripped-down keepass vault on my phone, etc)

@arshageddon (which always means I have it to hand as well when travelling with my laptop but not the nano key)

last boost:

my housemate can make custom techwear; their specialty is knitting

hit them up!


@arshageddon I would be interested, though I'll have more money towards the holidays.

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