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Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: //hanging out at a psychopomp cafe//

Me: //enters the cafe//

//nymphs and dryads eye me nervously//

Me: //reaches into coat pocket, a low squeaky sound is made//

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: //ears perk up//

A dryad: //glares at me//

Me: //pulls out squeaky toy//

//cafe yells//

Me: //throws the squeaky toy//

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: //run after the toy, they knock over a satyr with a latte//

Me: //makes a break for the Underworld//

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Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: hanging out at a psychopomp cafe

Me: enters the cafe

nymphs and dryads eye me nervously

Me: reaches into coat pocket, a low squeaky sound is made

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: ears perk up

A dryad: glares at me

Me: pulls out squeaky toy

cafe yells

Me: throws the squeaky toy

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: run after the toy, they knock over a satyr with a latte

Me: makes a break for the Underworld

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what if i wrote a story based off of the "washer at the fjord" ("the washerwoman")?

mt tabor is an 18 min walk from where i be, i need to scout the route and the park area

i might have found my next stargazing spot!

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As a reminder, I'm offering my services as a professional editor free for anarchist and BIPOC-oriented publications, pamphlets, whatever you'd like to have reviewed before it goes out to the public. My publication credits are available upon request.

affirmation / validation / gender euphoria / (im sorry in advance) 


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what if i wrote a story based off of the "washer at the fjord" ("the washerwoman")?

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Why did they make harpies cute I'm just curious what the Greek were thinking did they actually want to scare anyone or were they just being horny again send toot

i already have a narrative for both:

-he escapes the same way as before, distracting the guards of the underworld

-hang out at the party and pretend hes dead, but annoyed because he cant eat or drink anything (but water)


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California voting meta (Prop 16), Ballotpedia links, long-ish, :boost_ok:​ 

Proposition 16 is a word salad that's been run through a blender. The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level for the summary of Prop 16 is 22, and the Flesch Reading Ease score is -9. For comparison, the title alone has a FKGL of 18, and the FRE is a whopping -22.

For more information on these measurements and why these values are disturbing to me, see:

A "yes" vote on Prop 16 is a vote to *repeal* a ban on affirmative action in the state instituted by 1996's Proposition 209.

A "no" vote is to *continue* the ban on affirmative action instituted by Proposition 209.

It took me and *both of my roommates* several minutes to decypher this shit, and that's *with* the help of Ballotpedia.

(PS: All the opposition seems to be coming from Republican-aligned interests, and y'all know how those fuckers feel about equality.)

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Fun fact about anarchists: We fucking love voting and democracy so much it gets in the way of actually getting shit done sometimes.

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do they know that you shouldnt eat the food of the dead? (fae/underworld)

do they get stuck and escape? do they just not eat anything and be annoyed all night because they forgot you shouldnt eat their food? and that they shouldve checked before they left?

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what if the protag was trying to crash a party? what if he was crashing Persephone's return party? (a halloween party?)

i realize that from //this// account itll read as the god hermes breaking into the underworld and crashing a party lmao

not intended, its just some mortal

//i say as i copy paste a prior existing css style sheet//

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i think for now imma listen to music and do some prewriting for a follow up to psychopomp cafe

i have to be awake tomorrow to go to the bank, but im not tired, im experiencing mania, i can take a 3 hour nap ill be fine

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if i get kicked out of school again, idk how i can do the SAP appeal, because like what

"oh i had to move the week school started because my abusive landlady defyed the CDC's rental freeze so due to safety issues regarding her and housing i had to move."

"she is fucking evil and i hate her"

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obvs i have to fix some of the style, and add a few things the professor wants, but like

this is basically half of the assignment

the class isnt hard

ive just been.....basically fuck my landlady for having me move the week school starts

i fucking hate her

im trying my hardest, but damn im behind with my schoolwork because i had to move all my shit from kristinas

and btw, she didnt force me to move, i did decide to move

but this was after a year of her abuse and then her defying the CDC's rental freeze mandate

she....i want to fucking punch her

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why am i like this, i coulda got a 90 or 100 on this >:(

no instead ill get a 70 or 80 if im lucky aaaaaaaaaaaa

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