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Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: //hanging out at a psychopomp cafe//

Me: //enters the cafe//

//nymphs and dryads eye me nervously//

Me: //reaches into coat pocket, a low squeaky sound is made//

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: //ears perk up//

A dryad: //glares at me//

Me: //pulls out squeaky toy//

//cafe yells//

Me: //throws the squeaky toy//

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: //run after the toy, they knock over a satyr with a latte//

Me: //makes a break for the Underworld//

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Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: hanging out at a psychopomp cafe

Me: enters the cafe

nymphs and dryads eye me nervously

Me: reaches into coat pocket, a low squeaky sound is made

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: ears perk up

A dryad: glares at me

Me: pulls out squeaky toy

cafe yells

Me: throws the squeaky toy

Set, Anubis, Ammet, and Cerberus: run after the toy, they knock over a satyr with a latte

Me: makes a break for the Underworld

yall i got some stellar news!

my SCP tale "Daisy the Clown" is now at +22!

what did i do today? :scp:

-1st read through of a 10k draft
-did initial crit
-2nd/3rd read through of 093
-analysis of 093
-2nd read through of 10k
-did crit for flow and continuity

i should definitely shower before i go down the rabbit hole that is the SCP Wiki and IRC


i shoulda made an account sooner but also:


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i was also not mature enough yet to be on that site (22-29)

with that said, there are a lot of high schoolers


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some of them are clearly mature enough to be on a, what is pretty much, a professional writing website

but there are others where its like,



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new things i learned about the Wiki's culture last night

there are achievement badges!

that's just ADORABLE!

(again a note: ive been reading the site since 2009)


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the new writers have discovered i can greenlight!

the lights of gondor have been lit! gondor calls for aid! :scp:

hermes radio with @hermes of hermes radio is allegedly, "da bomb"

things what not do in am scip:


please read if you have an old smartwatch you don't want anymore :boost_ok: 

hey uh

if anybody has like an old smartwatch they don't want anymore

especially if it's one of the ones on this page

(but even if it's not)

i could really use it

i used to have a galaxy watch that really helped me manage my ADHD and such

then my asshole abusive parents stole it

i've tried using a day planner but i just can't bring myself to use it consistently

having what basically amounts to a heads-up display for life on my wrist was just... perfect in every way

it made everything so much easier

so yeah if anyone has a spare smartwatch they could send my way i'd be eternally grateful and it would really help me get my shit together

my only criteria is it has to work with a samsung/android phone since that's what i have lol

please boost! :boost_ok:

hnnnnnnnnn every day when i log into the SCP IRC i feel like a portion of my soul is being absorbed into the SCP gestalt me

just admitted to myself (and to IRC) that im capable of giving greenlights

RIP me


~just :scp: things~ 

dont like clicking "history" on a user's sandbox to see how active they been

but sometimes when im critting a piece there's something about how its written that i have to double check

new authors still need to make an idea thread to get greenlights before they can move onto the next stage (drafts)

i look at the history of the user because i want to ask them if they have an idea thread, but i also dont want to come off as condescending

thought about the scip some more and im diggin it

it feels a lot more- //something// than the lagomorphs article i have drafted

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just thought of an scp article, YES an SCP ARTICLE,

the narrative came first, and then i had to think of a "thing what does thing", the "thing what does thing" will most likely change

but the narrative is about the events that occurred on July 4th 2014

since the whole of the event and memory are very emotionally draining for me to outline in my sandbox, i left Future me a letter of encouragement

but yea, i wrote a letter to future me in my sandbox

i outlined some other writings that ive been working on that have made me feel intense emotion

"Daisy" is one of these, and ???? AND???? is currently my most successful scip (this is a huge accomplishment me, so im not tooting my own horn, im just pointing out that HOLY SHIT!!! I DID THE THING!!!)

i sobbed when i drafted it, i sobbed when i edited it, i sobbed when i got crit, i sobbed when i posted it to the wiki

"Marshmellows" is going to piss me off

its going to piss me off when i draft it, piss me off when i edit it, piss me off when i get crit, and piss me off when i post it to the wiki -> //as a mainline article//

i will most likely draft it first as a test log of the D-Class entering into the hallucination of the events (over time this will evolve with the cadence of the piece)

but the memory itself must be told straight, and be presented plain of fact, point blank

then ill scippify it

since it needs to be written point blank, drafting it will be through said D-Class (?) eyes, to get the thing that pissed me off on paper so i have something to work with

so im not flogging myself trying to build the article ass backwards

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