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tbh the older I get the more I see like, the best way to help people with mental health issues or deal with weird discourse fights or any other stuff

is to just focus on their material conditions and get them safe and healthy and taken care of and support them in real ways

not that emotional stuff doesn't matter n such but like u can do so much more by getting someone out of their shitty parents house then you can by anything else most of the time

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I want a pressure-sensitive keyboard

• Soft typing: ᵗᶦⁿʸ
• Normal typing: lowercase
• Harder: 𝗕𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗖𝗔𝗣𝗦
• Smashing keyboard on desk: Z̶͔̟͔̖̖̣̣̣̙̱̜͒̊̔̆̌̐͗̓̀̉͂͗̚͝ȁ̷̡̝̔̔̍͑̈́͋̆̈͊̀̿̎̈́͒͜l̷̢͓͔̠̺̱͓͔̙͈̋̌͑͘g̸̡͉̞̤̥̗̲̲̼̓̑͂͐͜͜o̶̘͉͉̘̮̼̔̋̂͛̍̎̆͋̾̕

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Amazon Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen: one in 10 US police departments can now access videos from millions of Ring cameras without a warrant: u.fsf.org/3cq

dream inspired sci-fi story with body weirdness 

This was inspired by a dream I had a while back.


Communion: I weave through rows of utterly alien beings who I trust more than the humans I've known since childhood. We're preparing to connect to The Network, and each of us must prepare in our own way.

I slide my naked body into a recess in the smooth metal floor, and gaze out the transparent membrane set into the wall in front of me. I watch galaxies and impossible currents of energy flow in fast-forward beyond the not-glass, as embryonic fluid fills the cavity where my smooth form rests.

From the ceiling descends a metallic appendage, an inorganic tentacle. I tilt my head back and part my lips as it enters my mouth. My jaw unhinges and I can feel the tissues of my body reambiguate into stem cells and meld with the probe now stretching deep into my stomach.

A vibration hums through my being as the connection to my altered neurology is completed. My reality divides into two, then four, eight, and out exponentially. My senses breath through each being attached to The Network in communion. Collective consciousness looking in at itself.

Stretching out beyond the void between this world and the next, past the fickle stars between, I feel our psychic strands converge in a place beyond sanity. A great _awareness_ radiates out through the web of consciousness encircling it. The circuit is complete, and a wave crashes into my mind, thrumming through every layer of reality. The sound of a dial up modem sings, and I can smell the acrid scent of my spinal column burning. Half formed critiques of hierarchy pass through my lizard brain as the singular I mistakes the collective I for a newly birthed god.

My personal thoughts come back into focus as a signal from the retracting tentacle strikes my mind like a tuning fork. My body finishes weaving itself back together from the cellular slurry I had dissolved into, and I step out of the communion pool.

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Some older work of mine. I don't really like sharing esp on other SMP. So here.


Mania Systems a retro-futurist themed community for independent, underground, and non-traditional artists and creatives who want to share their work, meet each other, and collaborate, all in a safe space. We specifically try to build for the intersections of being queer, being chronically ill or disabled, being neuroatypical, and being mixed-race or brown - because that's who we are.