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fyi we all discussed and reached consensus: in lieu of being able to use ‘crazy cat ladies’, enbies are henceforth ‘mad bunny enbies’

I feel like trying to sell a domain name for hundreds or thousands of dollars is kinda an insult to the original concepts of the internet, yknow?

BitWarden IPv6 bug (& workaround) 

Apparently Bitwarden's Android client has a bug in scenarios where both the client device and the server have routeable IPv6 addresses (

Hacky workaround: I added a second DNS entry (vault4.domain) that only has an IPv4 address, added it to the nginx vhost config and added it to the LetsEncrypt TLS cert.

Configuring the Android client with the IPv4-only hostname seems to make it happy.

(In theory you could do the same with just the IPv4 address but that makes the situation un-ideal for a good, valid TLS cert)

if your open-source project's website is so full of buzzwords that i can't tell what it actually does or why... rethink your branding. please.

all web-based billing platforms suck when you're trying to put together something that doesn't conform to capitalist norms for an organisation... 😓

oooooh vmware fusion can now do arm64 virtualization on an m1 mac!

debian installing as I type!

(also it's a tech preview so it's free rn and if you don't feel like making an account, I just used one from

you know, whenever i watch or read these scifi futures and people are polite to the machines and AIs, all I can think is that these folks must be from a future without Amazon and Google and Facebook.

remember when telephones could actually place telephone calls to other telephone users? even if it was a different brand telephone or a different carrier?

that was kinda cool

anyone got good recommendations for bluetooth earphones that work well with multiple devices (>2)?

most I've found only seem to work with two devices at once, unless they're apple in which case they do the weird iCloud pairing which is pretty cool but they're not my fave headphones...

Bitwarden & Jitsi are back to life, everything is working again! :blobcatytriumphant:

if anyone else is getting these, a really easy way to get rid of them is to filter mail by sender domain against:


and to also filter any email with a sending domain that isn't in a valid TLD.

these have cleaned my inbox right up.

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freenode/libera, mention of transmisogyny 

someone on my AS is connecting to libera without a cloaked hostname and now my abuse@ is getting attacked by freenode nerds

some of it is disgustingly terfy/transmisogynistic, although that seems to weirdly be targetted at a chanop that has...nothing to do with me and isn't the person connecting from my network?

fucking crybabies

Bitwarden & Jitsi are down at the moment because of an issue I'm having with vultr.

These (+ asterisk) are the last things that remain on vultr at this stage, everything else has been moved to our own infra. These will follow shortly so this doesn't happen again.

the jitsi instance has been updated to latest. same for bitwarden! any problems lmk :maniasystems_icon:


cabbits and hyenas get along surprisingly well, it seems

at least if @yeenbean is anything to go by

trek tech nonsense 

what kinda weird hellscape utopia future is star trek showing where you can speak to a computer and not worry about how it’s trying to steal and resell your soul??

really annoyed that I haven't (yet) found a way to make my Logitech Marble Mouse work on macos the way it does on Linux. I like being able to hold one of the side buttons and use the ball as a scrollwheel, but the official drivers and stuff don't seem to support that naturally?

Doing some upgrading on the infrastructure, services might bounce a little bit for a few minutes!


okay but adventure time is set in the same universe as fallout

(of course, that doesn’t even touch on the fact that a lot of houseless and low income folks sleepy on VoIP services as their primary phone number due to it being inexpensive or free, and this just blocks them from using these services from the outset. but i do half suspect that may be part of the intention rather than a gross side effect…)

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