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fyi we all discussed and reached consensus: in lieu of being able to use ‘crazy cat ladies’, enbies are henceforth ‘mad bunny enbies’

things i wish icloud could sync: my settings about what i do and don't want synced via icloid

me when your form takes a + addressed email address (foo+bar@uwu.uwu): :blobthanks:

me when your confirmation email breaks because it doesn't properly urlencode the + in the confirmation link: :blobcatfireeyes:

you can legitimately make those snugplug things out of an empty sprite bottle lol

the absolute worst thing that can happen to a vim user happened to me: my escape key stopped working on my laptop

*You set the disappearing message timer to 1 day*

everyone else: oh no what now

the problem with bluetooth headphones is the bluetooth part

i genuinely enjoy grape nuts

why yes i am neurodivergent, why do you ask?

hehe.. messing with by creating static routes to take ridiculous connections & paths to get to the test nodes without affecting how you get to the website

turns out they only do IP/ISP detection on the website

result: ridiculously bad speeds attributed to your ISP (or good ones, depending what direction you go with this)

is feditalk on brandmeister DMR still a thing? do people still use it?

if your electron app supports zooming or scaling the content (most do) then please also adjust the minimum window size to match

i hate scaling my chat apps to smaller text and then still having to have a huge window because ¯_(ツ)_/¯

not shown: the cat that goes between to the two adjacent landscape displays in the physical space, unfortunately MacOS doesn't have a way to address that logically

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(one of them is a universal control display and one is sidecar)

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bgp == big gay party

there's a big gay party in the default-free zone

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