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fyi we all discussed and reached consensus: in lieu of being able to use ‘crazy cat ladies’, enbies are henceforth ‘mad bunny enbies’

Sooo Xfinity has an option for unlimited data if you use their xFi complete, which comes with their router. Do you need to use their router if you do that or can you get it and still use your own but have the unlimited data and such?

My partner @arsha wrote a piece about our experiences running from wildfires with a pile of baby bunnies. It also makes me tear up, and I was there.

can i just say how fucking utterly ridiculous it is that UPS units still primarily output 120/240VAC when almost every damned thing is running on low-voltage DC anyway?

apparently, wearing cargo jeans with suspenders and letting the suspenders dangle means I end up pulling my office chair behind me wherever I go :blobcatfacepalm:

anyone know why Toot on iOS will notify me of interactions on some instances but not others? is it an instance config issue?

has no one managed to come up with a good diy fix for loose analog sticks on the switch??

💊 meds (text and photo) 

i’m not convinced that the safeway pharmacy didn’t just run out of tablets and go hit up the candy aisle when filling this one...

really, i suppose this was the eventual progression from massive floppy disks. but, cmon, these are waaay too easy to lose.

though it would seem unlikely, it turns out that you can actually crash a yubikey :blobcat_thisisfine:

USB-C and the way manufacturers have abused the terminology around it just makes things really confusing for folks, bc like...

passive 1x USB-C to 1x USB-A adapters often get called hubs instead of adapters

active adapters with multiple USB-A ports, HDMI, card readers, ethernet etc etc often get called hubs, which is kinda fine i guess but still confusing? i call them docks, port replicators also work if you're still in the late 90s.

active 1x USB-C to multiple USB-A ports are fine to call hubs, but can still be confused with fully USB-A hubs or fully USB-C hubs (which aren't realllly around yet, which is a whole other rant :blobcatangry:​ )

oh shit I just saw that ubereats is buying postmates or something like that and.. ugh I'm constantly hearing about small independent restaurants closing because of delivery service fees and i just know this isn't going to make it any fucking better

might hack' mastodon so that you can filter specific phrases from specific people, instead of just globally... 🤔

we were speaking to a person at a rabbit shelter earlier, and they foster rabbits with their partner. i don't know the person we were speaking to's pronouns, but their partner is they/them so....


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the sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace, where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees

(also like as a person with visual issues, captchas are awful. i’ve never had google’s audio captcha ever work either)

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Normally don’t link to twitter posts but this is amazing - proving you’re not a robot

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