OR Eviction Moratorium Info 

Oregon AND MultCo eviction moratoriums have been extended, in addition to the CDC directives.

MultCo Ordinance: (useful, more accessible info:

Oregon Exective Order: (only signed on 28th so it’s not on the official site? some kind person uploaded it to GDrive for now)

OR Eviction Moratorium Info 

(If you’re not in Multnomah County, i’d double check elsewhere until the Oregon EO appears on the site:

just in case someone is spreading misinformation)

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OR Eviction Moratorium Info / minor venting 

@sevenofnine when i move out , i might send more of these notices to //her// to piss her off

how unethical

OR Eviction Moratorium Info 

@sevenofnine thank you for the info! im spreading this around!

OR Eviction Moratorium Info 

@sevenofnine are they really gonna fucking push it back two months at a time? It's lasted for 5 so far, what's so unreasonable about 5 more? Even that is truly conservative.

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