ok i have to share this

my sister in law made this and was going to throw it away but listed it on etsy as “terrible bear” sold it for £60 which is absolutely hilarious and wonderful and i am so proud of her :blobcat3c:

if you would like a

t e r r i b l e b e a r

then I'm sure she can do one on commission

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@moonwater I keep looking back at the listing and bursting out cackling.

@sevenofnine I think it's adorable! You don't see skinny bears often. It looks a lot like a stop motion puppet!

@sevenofnine terrible bear but seems like very good dog adjacent friend. Like a cuddly beast of bray road.

@sevenofnine I'm actually struggling to stop laughing about this. If I only had £60 to spare right now...

@sevenofnine those AWFUL fingers, perfect for running through the hair of those that sleep, giving them beautiful hair and terrible dreams

@sevenofnine This looks like it could work amazingly well as a bunraku style puppet - looking at the joints and the weighting of the feet.

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