USB-C and the way manufacturers have abused the terminology around it just makes things really confusing for folks, bc like...

passive 1x USB-C to 1x USB-A adapters often get called hubs instead of adapters

active adapters with multiple USB-A ports, HDMI, card readers, ethernet etc etc often get called hubs, which is kinda fine i guess but still confusing? i call them docks, port replicators also work if you're still in the late 90s.

active 1x USB-C to multiple USB-A ports are fine to call hubs, but can still be confused with fully USB-A hubs or fully USB-C hubs (which aren't realllly around yet, which is a whole other rant :blobcatangry:​ )

@sevenofnine really it is as much of a confusion and cursed as DIN plugs and sockets back in the 80s (the only improvement being you don't have to burn your fingers trying to solder custom cables any more)

@sevenofnine This doesn’t even touch on the idiocy which is USB 3.1 vs USB 3.2.

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