all these SMS verification systems that block voip and landline numbers don’t account for number porting.

it is possible that i sign up for an account with my mobile number and verify it by SMS. some time later, maybe i ported that number to VoIP, but still SMS capable.

next time i sign into that service, i’m locked out because it checks the number type and finds it’s a VoIP number and either refuses or fails to send the SMS. in the case of a failure, sometimes a voice call work but in the case of a refusal, they’ll typically refuse that too at this point.


(of course, that doesn’t even touch on the fact that a lot of houseless and low income folks sleepy on VoIP services as their primary phone number due to it being inexpensive or free, and this just blocks them from using these services from the outset. but i do half suspect that may be part of the intention rather than a gross side effect…)

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