@sevenofnine I unironically like it though - at least i can tell when it's on.

@sevenofnine if it's well-executed, this could be pretty cool, tbh,

but then i like those cars with pop-up headlights so,

@sevenofnine i think it's silly because camera placement matters, this one is gonna be looking up your nose, and that's if you're lucky

@sevenofnine It's similar to how I have my webcam set up on my PC (under the monitor), so I kinda get it. That said, wouldn't the fingers get in the way of that??

@sevenofnine @thufie hello would you like to look directly at my hands on zoom? Lmao

@sevenofnine Does the device do tent mode?

If so, the camera would be at the top of the device.

Also, it pretty clearly is a pop-up design, meaning that when closed, the camera is unambiguously disabled.

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