I tried to turn off the notification category for "Recommended items" in the Amazon app and it told me that doing so would disable Amazon Smile in the app.

Like, idc, I don't use the app to shop, it's only there so I know when I'm expecting certain scheduled things, but


that's not even pretending to be good. you don't get to brag about how much you give to charity when the consumers are basically required to offset it by letting you advertise more.

oooooh vmware fusion can now do arm64 virtualization on an m1 mac!

debian installing as I type!

(also it's a tech preview so it's free rn and if you don't feel like making an account, I just used one from bugmenot.com)

💊 meds (text and photo) 

i’m not convinced that the safeway pharmacy didn’t just run out of tablets and go hit up the candy aisle when filling this one...

really, i suppose this was the eventual progression from massive floppy disks. but, cmon, these are waaay too easy to lose.

fyi we all discussed and reached consensus: in lieu of being able to use ‘crazy cat ladies’, enbies are henceforth ‘mad bunny enbies’

ok i have to share this

my sister in law made this and was going to throw it away but listed it on etsy as “terrible bear” sold it for £60 which is absolutely hilarious and wonderful and i am so proud of her :blobcat3c:

more baby bunny pic 

audrid, on the other hand, is our resident troublemaker

bunny pics 

tobin is the biggest of all of them and he’s so smol

he’s my cuddle buddy

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