swearing; lots 

@DrSagan @yeenbean @compufox you twat, how the fucking dare you imply I have a dirty fucking mouth you absolute fucking cunt.

Terrible jewish joke 

@DrSagan @yeenbean yeah it's really surprisingly not the worst. not the greatest, though, either haha

@yeenbean @DrSagan i think this is a pain all homes containing rabbits must simply cope with

@DrSagan you know, i still have the backup from last years server. 🤔

(rabbit/pet) pregnancy mention 

@yeenbean @DrSagan to be fair, by that point, we'd shared multiple awful smoky road trips, several bad motels and a whole lot of rabbit chaos including start of another pregnancy

anyone got good recommendations for bluetooth earphones that work well with multiple devices (>2)?

most I've found only seem to work with two devices at once, unless they're apple in which case they do the weird iCloud pairing which is pretty cool but they're not my fave headphones...

@DrSagan @yeenbean how dare you soil my instance's pure and innocent timeline with this queer filth

@DrSagan @yeenbean i showed this post to someone i live with and they laughed at me :blobcatfireeyes:

Bitwarden & Jitsi are back to life, everything is working again! :blobcatytriumphant:

if anyone else is getting these, a really easy way to get rid of them is to filter mail by sender domain against:


and to also filter any email with a sending domain that isn't in a valid TLD.

these have cleaned my inbox right up.

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freenode/libera, mention of transmisogyny 

someone on my AS is connecting to libera without a cloaked hostname and now my abuse@ is getting attacked by freenode nerds

some of it is disgustingly terfy/transmisogynistic, although that seems to weirdly be targetted at a chanop that has...nothing to do with me and isn't the person connecting from my network?

fucking crybabies

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