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also a weird iOS-ism: when you view a contact, you can tap and hold on call or video and see a list of supported apps for doing that, but message doesn't do the same thing?! why the hell not?

(also it seems that it presents all apps for all contacts, regardless of whether they're reachable via that app, which seems counterintuitive?!)

is it just me or are financial sites some of the worst for loading loads of crappy slow javascript shite

anyone know of good alternatives to Plex? it’s just been getting crappier and crappier, and now it won’t handle more than one stream at a time from a relatively powerful box.

mega bonus points if anyone knows of something that works Roku. 😉

I'm really interested in the Popcorn Pocket PC but I've been wary of preorders ever since the Neo900 ordeal (I didn't preorder, but that was a mess).

has anyone made a physical emoji keyboard? like, you get add on number pads and stuff but what about a thin bar that goes along the top or bottom of the keyboard and adds emoji buttons?

i want a motivational poster that says... 

if you set the bar at rock bottom, you’ll always land on your feet

trying to figure out why palm pilots worked so well as a personal organisation device and a smartphone does not... idk

cyborg stuff / this future sucks 

my hearing aid can talk to my phone to adjust it's settings, and my watch talks to my phone, and my headphones talk to my phone. I don't mind my phone being the hub of my cyborg lifestyle, but it annoys me that I cannot, for example, change my hearing aid volume from my watch without someone making a damn app of the specific combination (soundwear + pebble) to do it.

this is not the cyborg future i wanted.

I wish iOS had a way to make notifications expire. if it's been sat there for a day or two and I haven't bothered to touch it, just make it go away. I obviously don't care. Particularly for shit like paypal auto-pay or doordash delivery complete notifications, c'mon.

Worried Alexa is spying on you? Edward Snowden’s head can help. [bust of snowden's head in link with "eye" contact] 

No, that's an actual headline.

... wow. 😆

"waiting for terraform" is the devops version of "my code is compiling"

if you would like a

t e r r i b l e b e a r

then I'm sure she can do one on commission

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ok i have to share this

my sister in law made this and was going to throw it away but listed it on etsy as “terrible bear” sold it for £60 which is absolutely hilarious and wonderful and i am so proud of her :blobcat3c:

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