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LB, but lewd 

does anyone want to be cybering on this monday?

is 70 vol bleach/developer not a thing in the US? any idea where i could get some? it’s what i used to use before i moved, and the 40 vol stuff i’ve got here just doesn’t touch my hair at all :blobcatfrowningbig:

fyi we all discussed and reached consensus: in lieu of being able to use ‘crazy cat ladies’, enbies are henceforth ‘mad bunny enbies’

jfc why are printers so hard? seriously, you should
be able to just install the drivers on the printserver and then everything else on the network just uses a generic PS or PDF driver and the server translates

that should not be hard

xmpp and email: just wiggling away in a corner

mastodon: how can we make federation more difficult than it needs to be? i know...!

matrix: hold my effin jacket

(vanilla rn, definitely willing to talk about what plugins to add with regulars)

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do you wanna come play minecraft (vanilla) on with a bunch of cool folks? dm me maniapolis is growing

if quercetin is a flavanol and all flavanols are flavanoids, but not all flavanoids are flavanols, and flavanoids are yellow, is quercetin yellow?

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wikipedia in a nutshell, while researching a supplement that might help with mito:

quercetin is a flavanol -> flavanols are a class of flavonoids -> flavonoids are yellow.

/me flails to figure out the combination of UEFI vs legacy boot, secure boot, CSM BIOS settings to make :qubes:​ ubes boot on a newer thinkpad

heard some scrabbling in the living room, so we went to investigate

one of the rabbits got the zoomies and was running around her cage, and everytime she did it, most of the other rabbits started doing it too

it was far too cute omg

this is why rabbits

hot tech take 

computers are better than smartphones

so i was playing a game i bought on itch and downloaded through their app. i also own the game on steam (without realising), but didn’t have the steam version installed. steam and itch were both running, and i earned steam achievements even tho i wasn’t playing through steam? i would’ve assumed the steam apis would only work if it was steam-installed.. :blobcatwaitwhat:

“oh jeez, oh no, my rabbits are gone”

“a puzzle game about cute girls rescuing a hundred cute rabbits”

unsurprisingly, this is a game i apparently own. guess i know what i’m playing next?

@arshageddon @hermes

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