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all these SMS verification systems that block voip and landline numbers don’t account for number porting.

it is possible that i sign up for an account with my mobile number and verify it by SMS. some time later, maybe i ported that number to VoIP, but still SMS capable.

next time i sign into that service, i’m locked out because it checks the number type and finds it’s a VoIP number and either refuses or fails to send the SMS. in the case of a failure, sometimes a voice call work but in the case of a refusal, they’ll typically refuse that too at this point.

and i mean okay yeah, that is all technically true but i didn’t realise a search algorithm would argue semantics like i did when i was a caffeinated 8 year old.

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me: no added sugar…

doordash: … hair conditioner?
… toilet paper?
… antacid?

leverage: redemption 

(the way they dealt with writing hardison out felt a little… forced? though? but i looove breanna)

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finally got around to watching the new leverage series and I still can’t decide how i feel about it.

the inclusion of The Librarian as a new crewperson definitely was endearing to me though?

in a show of bad design, I have a keurig coffee mug/flask thing... which does not fit under a keurig coffee maker.

you'd think someone woulda thought of that???

every so often someone talks to me about moodle or blackboard and

they always get this video in response

.. for some reason, my LG bluetooth headphones seem to care which way you put in the USB-C connection???

:plural_heart: &/ adhd 

plurality and/or ADHD is drawing, listening to music, watching TV, chatting with people and cleaning your room all at the same time.

i'm on a number of email-based groups (listserv/mailman style), anyone got a good recommendation for email clients/plugins/extensions/configs that make it easier to keep track and follow them?

I didn't need my whole house blaring alarms this morning to tell me it was going to be over >100°F... :facepalm:

2021: Where one of the first things I do in the morning is update keyboard firmware. :blobshrug:

i have been introduced to red letter media for the first time... how did i not know this was missing from my life... -s

"Pretty Good Phone Privacy": A technology to (hopefully) make it less justifiable for telcos to know where your phone is:

awful joke 

man diceware is in a seedy mood today

postmates really needs a button for “yes there’s a picture of the delivery but that is definitely not a picture of where i live”

medical thing 

there is something ironic about sitting in a digestive health clinic waiting for a doctor with my stomach doing whatever it is doing today…

pretty sure my household’s consumption of off brand diet cola has caused a run on it in this area.

oops 😂

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