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X passports safety note 

(x passports are cool and awesome but please remember that some countries may have safety, legal, or even technical issues with it right now and that’s not super easy to work around without a second passport!

that’s not to say you shouldn’t get one, just consider all the angles. )

i feel unusually tangible today

wait no that’s next month, today is visible

transition is just increasing your tolerance to gender fluid

great that imessage is better at being signal than signal

roommate: "imagine a company full of trans people, nothing would ever get done cause everyone would just fuck"

me: " know we run a company like that rite?"

🤔 do you think “implementing ridiculously bad network ideas” qualifies as a unique routing policy?

okay look. i get it, you want your website to be an app and you don't wanna worry about updating the location bar on content changes but TWICE today, on two different mainsteam sites, I tried to copy a link for some content I'd clicked through to via something else and it's given me the original item's URL.

i should not require a share button for your web content??

Europe: GDPR!
Germany: your IP address is personal data so... yeah loading Google Fonts is a GDPR violation.
UK: Oh, yeah, just give Facebook your passport, birth certificate and driving license, who even cares

[🐰] ok so i know some plural systems do the lcd badges to show who’s fronting and stuff and that’s cool but what if i added an eink panel to my septum ring 🤔🤔

gravatar replacement api but the algorithm turns your email addresses into a set of options that chooses and customizes a picrew and then returns it

I tried to turn off the notification category for "Recommended items" in the Amazon app and it told me that doing so would disable Amazon Smile in the app.

Like, idc, I don't use the app to shop, it's only there so I know when I'm expecting certain scheduled things, but


that's not even pretending to be good. you don't get to brag about how much you give to charity when the consumers are basically required to offset it by letting you advertise more.

how to figure out what level you are at sysadminning: wc -l ~/.ssh/config

I feel like trying to sell a domain name for hundreds or thousands of dollars is kinda an insult to the original concepts of the internet, yknow?

BitWarden IPv6 bug (& workaround) 

Apparently Bitwarden's Android client has a bug in scenarios where both the client device and the server have routeable IPv6 addresses (

Hacky workaround: I added a second DNS entry (vault4.domain) that only has an IPv4 address, added it to the nginx vhost config and added it to the LetsEncrypt TLS cert.

Configuring the Android client with the IPv4-only hostname seems to make it happy.

(In theory you could do the same with just the IPv4 address but that makes the situation un-ideal for a good, valid TLS cert)

if your open-source project's website is so full of buzzwords that i can't tell what it actually does or why... rethink your branding. please.

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