Some changes coming to Mania Systems' apps this week:

*Things going away:*
- Our Invidious will be going away for the time being.
- Our WriteFreely will probably also be going away for the time being.
- Our NextCloud will no longer have document-editing or collaborative functionality. Considering CryptPad as an alternative for those use-cases, but decision hasn't yet been made.

*New things coming:*
- Community chat coming soon: undecided on Jabber vs IRC vs Matrix as the canonical side, although it will be bridged to discord, and possibly telegram. Started setting up a Matrix server but they are an ass to run, so the jury's still out.
- We now have a jitsi instance at, it seems to be working well.
- Some hosting options coming soon, both more conventional, and possibly in tilde form. Remains to be seen.
- We've had requests for an open source game streaming platform - it's being looked into!


having discussed with a few community members, we're going to spin up cryptpad to replace collaborative doc editing in nextcloud. i will be looking for testers to kick the tyres on that soon

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Mania Systems a retro-futurist themed community for independent, underground, and non-traditional artists and creatives who want to share their work, meet each other, and collaborate, all in a safe space. We specifically try to build for the intersections of being queer, being chronically ill or disabled, being neuroatypical, and being mixed-race or brown - because that's who we are.