New apps on! now hosts some new stuff:

Jitsi Meet:
Jitsi Meet is an encrypted video conferencing platform.

CryptPad is a private and encrypted collaborative set of document editing applications.

Miniflux is an RSS aggregator and reader with a focus on simplicity.

For details on any of these, check out mania.system

Follow has shut down a few things, too 

I also shut down a few things that nobody was really using at all.

Specifically, the WriteFreely and invidious instances are no longer running.

If folks would find it useful & there's enough demand, I'm definitely willing to consider spinning them back up.

But also, there's now the official chat channels.

There's a number of channels available either on our IRC server (see or on our Discord community (see

You can join using either - they're bridged together, so it's one cohesive chat community. In the interests of i-hate-discord, I'd rather see folks use IRC, but either is good! :blobtongue:

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There'll be other new stuff coming soon too, keep an eye on this account for updates.

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