Having some network trouble with an upstream provider, and some things may be affected. Check status.mania.systems for more info or to follow along.

new bunny emojo now!!! :bun::bunlove::bunhdsleep:

also some new blobcats!!! :blobCatComfy::blobcatcomfyuwu:

and general kitties!!! :kitty_trans::netkitty:

This Wednesday at 5pm PST/8pm PST

The Rabbit Hole presents:

An Art Stream! picarto.tv/hermes420

We are raising funds to help cover operational costs while we adopt out the rabbits.

if you'd like to donate to the Rabbit Food Fund directly, here is the link: paypal.com/pools/c/8u2XVpxOXB

#TheRabbitHole #bunyPosting #rabbits #furry #art

There'll be other new stuff coming soon too, keep an eye on this account for updates.

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But also, there's now the official mania.systems chat channels.

There's a number of channels available either on our IRC server (see mania.systems/pages/irc.html) or on our Discord community (see mania.systems/pages/discord.ht)

You can join using either - they're bridged together, so it's one cohesive chat community. In the interests of i-hate-discord, I'd rather see folks use IRC, but either is good! :blobtongue:

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mania.systems has shut down a few things, too 

I also shut down a few things that nobody was really using at all.

Specifically, the mania.systems WriteFreely and invidious instances are no longer running.

If folks would find it useful & there's enough demand, I'm definitely willing to consider spinning them back up.

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New apps on mania.systems! 

mania.systems now hosts some new stuff:

Jitsi Meet: meet.mania.systems
Jitsi Meet is an encrypted video conferencing platform.

CryptPad: pad.mania.systems
CryptPad is a private and encrypted collaborative set of document editing applications.

Miniflux: rss.mania.systems
Miniflux is an RSS aggregator and reader with a focus on simplicity.

For details on any of these, check out mania.system

Several services are being migrated to a new server in the next couple hours. See status.mania.systems for details. While the maintenance is scheduled to take 3 hours, I expect it will be quicker.

Welcome @Ghilliesweet and @r3d4k73d - feel free to intro yourself in the local timeline using the hashtag if you like!

new emoji!

@hermes as requested: :sagan::carlsagan::scp:

@arshageddon @sevenofnine as requested: :dreidel_with_letters::dreidel_blue::dreidel_tipped::chanukkah_smiley::menorah_rainbow::torah::hamsa::hamsa_colour:

and for everyone, just for fun: :among_us_yarmulke:

having discussed with a few community members, we're going to spin up cryptpad to replace collaborative doc editing in nextcloud. i will be looking for testers to kick the tyres on that soon

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Some changes coming to Mania Systems' apps this week:

*Things going away:*
- Our Invidious will be going away for the time being.
- Our WriteFreely will probably also be going away for the time being.
- Our NextCloud will no longer have document-editing or collaborative functionality. Considering CryptPad as an alternative for those use-cases, but decision hasn't yet been made.

*New things coming:*
- Community chat coming soon: undecided on Jabber vs IRC vs Matrix as the canonical side, although it will be bridged to discord, and possibly telegram. Started setting up a Matrix server but they are an ass to run, so the jury's still out.
- We now have a jitsi instance at meet.mania.systems, it seems to be working well.
- Some hosting options coming soon, both more conventional, and possibly in tilde form. Remains to be seen.
- We've had requests for an open source game streaming platform - it's being looked into!

Rolling out some network changes that might affect services briefly at various times. You can check whether something is up or down at status.mania.systems

Instance transparency / FediBlock 

A bunch of instances have been suspended and silenced. Rationale included where extra context is available on the full list (see link below), but there are links to reasons for each suspension available on request.

These are:

verita84.com suspended
salesforce.social suspended
m.gretaoto.ca suspended
mastodon.social silenced
lain.sh suspended
bikeshed.party suspended
counter.fedi.live suspended
brighteon.social suspended
wintermute.fr.to suspended
freethinkers.lgbt suspended
theres.life suspended
434.earth suspended
mst.vsta.org suspended
landofkittens.social suspended
gorf.pub suspended

Full list at: mastodon.mania.systems/about/m

Two new things:

- First, mania.systems now hosts an RSS feed reader, miniflux, for general use now. It's a hell of a lot prettier than the tinytinyrss instance that I used to run... If you want an account, just ask!

- Second, git.mania.systems/maniasystems is one of a great many mirrors of `youtube-dl` which got taken down off GitHub today. The more mirrors, the harder it is to make it go away 😉 See here for a lot more: docs.nixnet.services/Youtube-d

more cute robots have now earned their own category in the emoji picker, with some new additions as well

:ms_robot_grin::ms_robot_blushy_crushy::ms_robot_headpats:​ (and more)

(mind you we're biased so no robot is as cute as :maniasystems_robot:​)

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