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These were designed for Mania Systems, but @arshageddon allows for any noncommercial use or remixing with a sharealike license, requiring attribution.

Specifically, Creative Commons `BY-NC-SA 4.0` (

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We've now got a set of Mania Systems-themes retro-futurist style emoji available. These were all designed by the fantastic @arshageddon


Shout out a big welcome towards @hermes, who has joined the community!

As of a couple days ago, you can sign up for this instance directly at instead of having to be invited. Still requires admin approval, but .. yknow. I don't sleep.

Nextcloud is now the same - directly register at for an account.

Working on making the same changes elsewhere where I can.

Admins can add this under AdministrationSite settingsCustom CSS if they want bigger inline emojos :senkohappy:

.status__content .custom-emoji, .status__content .emojione {
width: 30px;
height: 30px;

It only applies to post content, not display names

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Added some custom CSS (courtesy of @amolith) to make our inline emoji bigger. It's so pretty now ❤️ :sparkles_trans::sparkles2:

re: instance admin 

also, there's a bunch of new emoji which aren't hidden :sparkles_trans::sparkles_fiery::potion_asexual::potion_rainbow:

nothing *but* mutant standard is hidden, so take a look at the picker.

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instance admin 

Mutant Standard emoji are no longer shown in the emoji picker (to improve the load time of that damned little thing), but are still available on this instance. You can use pretty much anything you see here: but prefix the shortcode with "ms", e.g. "ms_100"

A handful of new domains have been suspended, silenced or had their media rejected (you can check the list: If there's more you recommend, feel free to reply and I'll take a look.

masto admin 

added and to suspended instances.

still working on fleshing out the list; we'll get there!

- @sevenofnine

Beep boop braaaap. So, hey, this is an instance now. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Manic System Administrator's choices:

Mania Systems a retro-futurist themed community for independent, underground, and non-traditional artists and creatives who want to share their work, meet each other, and collaborate, all in a safe space. We specifically try to build for the intersections of being queer, being chronically ill or disabled, being neuroatypical, and being mixed-race or brown - because that's who we are.